Geboren in Bad Schallerbach
1971-1979 Wien – Schülerin von Rene Marcel Riviere
Malerei, Graphik, Skulptur, Kupferradierung, Polimentvergoldung

Werk und Technik
Öl auf Leinwand
Acryl auf Leinwand

Margit Johanna Abl was born in Bad Schallerbach Austria and lives in Munich now.

The artist trained herself in Vienna at Renè Marcel Riviere  amongst other  things in painting, graphics, sculpture, copper  etching and gold plating.

„Painting my Abl-Art emerges from the deep immersion into the magic of colors. Vibrant, pulsating, questioning…Leaving traces. In each picture, the challenge is to convey an emotional world of experience to the viewer. Thus the color becomes an adventure, a venture an argument.“

(Margit J. Abl)


Art fair Innsbruck, Floating Galerie Stilwerk Vienna, Metropolitain Contemporary Art Eperience Munich, City Museum St Johann/Tirol, A+D Galerie London, Space Gallery New York, Stilgalerie Vienna, Paris Caroussel du Louvre, Barcelona Galerie Art Nou-mil Lenni, Udine Galleria Art time, Palais Harrach Galerie Gewebe Vienna